Master Romeo

Assignment No. 3

Write an erotic/sexy conversation between two people.

Specific Requirements:

  • at least 75% dialogue in your story;
  • your story is between 180-200 words. No less, no more; and
  • give your story a title of 2-3 words (this is not part of the word count required)

Juliet looked Romeo up and down, her eyes pausing at his crotch.

“Romeo, I want you to have your way with me. Please use me to your hearts content.”

“Juliet, follow me to the bedroom, I will treat you like the little slut you want to be. You will bow before me, worship me as your Master, and do everything as I say.”

“Yes Master Romeo.”

Romeo grabs Juliet’s hand, he leads her to the bedroom and motions her to kneel at the foot of his bed.

“My little slut, please remove your clothes from the waist up. I want to inspect your perky breasts and body.”

Juliet removed her shirt and bra for Romeo.

“Juliet, I absolutely love your gorgeous hair as it hangs over your breasts, the way your hair drapes down your shoulders and hides your nipples is mesmerising. I am looking forward to witnessing how you worship your Master.”

“Yes Master Romeo.”

“Stand up and kiss me my little slut. I want to taste your fruity lip balm. Are you wearing my favourite flavour?”

“Yes Master.”

Juliet stands and leans forward to kiss Romeo.

“Kneel my little slut, it is time for the worship to begin.”