A Caged Anointing

Assignment No. 2

Use one of the entries from round 1 (not your own) to expand on what happens next.

Specific requirements:

  • please mention the number and title of the story you use from round 1 ( in the voting round, this story will be shown right above the one you write);
  • the story you use from round 1 may not be your own;
  • your story is between 100-125 words, No less, no more; and
  • give your story a title of 2-3 words (this is not part of the word count required).

I knock on the door. When it opens, I draw in a sharp breath. We’d exchanged pictures, but he’s even more gorgeous in person.

My eyes travel down his naked body, stopping at his caged cock.

In my clammy palm, I clutch the key he sent me.

He leads me inside and offers me a beer. I gratefully accept as we stand in his kitchen, my eyes continually drawn to his caged cock as I sip my beer and make small talk.

I can’t stand this any longer, my cock grows hard inside my jeans. I whisper in his ear, “I want my way with you!”

He leads me to his bedroom, and kneels before me bowing his head. I stand in front and slowly unbuckle my belt. My pants drop and the buckle clunks on the timber floor.

I cup his downward face and lift it to drag over the tip of my erect cock. My first drop of precum oozes out, and I anoint his forehead with it.