Naughty Santa

Jade lays on the couch in the darkened room on Christmas Eve, she has been watching the Christmas Carols event on TV for the evening.

The screen goes dark as the television broadcast ends, and Jade reaches down between her legs. Her mind has been wandering as the carols played and a warmth emanated from between her legs.

Her hand rests on her pubic mound, lightly swirling through her trimmed pubic hair. She moans as she gently tugs as her pubes and her mind wanders to being spanked over Santa’s lap. Little does she know what will be happening shortly.

Jade’s other hand lifts her shirt and gently tugs at her pierced nipple. She twirls her fingers around her nipple as she rubs her moist cunt.

Suddenly the Christmas tree rustles in the corner of her room, Jade looks but sees nothing and goes back to playing with herself.

Ever so slowly she continues caressing herself, and as she moans she hears another moan coming from behind the Christmas tree. She stops and has a closer look. She sees something out of place, something red amongst the green foliage & white decorations of the tree.

She thinks she knows who it is and lays back down knowing what she spotted. She continues rubbing her wet cunt and slowly brings herself to the verge of an orgasm.

She continues rubbing, just edging herself, as the red suited person climbs out from behind the tree. He puts the presents under the tree, leaving something extra for Jade.

He watches Jade carefully as she seems lost in the moment. Jade continues rubbing and caressing herself, and the man sidles up beside her and whispers in her ear “Thank you! I best be on my way, but I have left something extra special for you.”

The tone of his voice, and Jade cums like never before. The man leaves quietly before she can gather her composure and thank him for the gift he left behind.