Nights like Tonight

Nights like tonight … I am feeling down while at home while she is on holidays with her boyfriend … My other is at home with her husband. It is just me and the TV and it sucks.

Nights like tonight … I have a desire to be spanked, bruised and denied. She is with her boyfriend on holidays. My other is helping her husband. It’s me and the TV and it sucks.

Nights like tonight … I want to talk to her, wrap my arms around her, but she is away from me. So it is just the TV and me and it sucks.

So why am I poly? When there are nights like these, I really question why. It has been a tough couple of weeks with work and stress. Dates seem to be further apart … She gets the attention and I get the solitude. Life doesn’t feel particularly fair right at this moment. In moments like these, being poly sucks.

Some might call this poly drama, it is not. This is poly. Poly doesn’t mean your calendar is always full of exciting times & dates. Poly sometimes means sitting alone at home and wishing you could be on a date or holiday rather than your partner.

Poly isn’t always getting what you need. Sometimes you go without what you need. Sometimes you sit at home waiting for the energy to wane so you can go to bed to sleep off the depression and it does suck.

But, occasionally poly can be dirty messaging with a good looking woman. Sometimes poly is looking around and being grateful for all of the people who are in your life because they make your life richer and fuller.

As with monogamy there are going to be awesome days and just like monogamy life will not always be perfect. The stars do not always align and there will be nights like tonight.