TMI Tuesday

1. Do you like tattoos? Do you have any tattoos?

I don’t mine tattoos when they are tasteful and have significant meaning for a person. What I don’t like are tattoos for the sake of having them or getting them when you are drunk.

I don’t have any tattoos and I’m not sure I would get any for the foreseeable future.

2. How did you pick your online profile name?

My username has come from my flexible sexuality. Some days I can be an asexual human, others I can be a sexual human. It fits in with both depending on my feelings for the day.

3. What’s one saying you try to live by?

I don’t really have a specific saying to live by, but I like to think that I can make it through one day at a time.

4. What was the last bad meal you ate? Why was it so awful?

I personally haven’t had a bad meal, however my wife had a bad meal at one stage. We had steak, and the roast potato came out was rotten, she requested a new one, which was also rotten. So to counter bad luck, she requested chips to make up for it, but by then the steak was cold and not worth the meal any more.

5. When was your last bad sexual encounter? Why was it so awful?

I think my last encounter that turned sour was the time where I was having a foursome with my wife and another couple, and everyone else had orgasmed, and no matter what happened mine just wouldn’t come (no pun intended).

Bonus: Tell us something random.

Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, selling for between US$100 and $600 per pound in 2010. The specialty Vietnamese weasel coffee, which is made by collecting coffee beans eaten by wild civets, is sold at US$3,000 per kilogram.

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